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We are not like a lot of tire shops in Grande Prairie.  At Quick Lane North we offer competitive pricing on all major brands of tires and we won’t be beaten!  We will not be undersold on tires.  We serve Grande Prairie and all of the Peace Country with high-quality tires and tire repairs.

No appointment is needed, simply visit our location and one of our tire experts will help you find the right tires for your needs.  Not only do we sell winter tires and all season’s we service them as well, including installation, tire balancing, tire rotation, flat repair and wheel alignments.

No matter the make or model of your vehicle you can rest easy knowing you and your vehicle are well taken care of.  If you’re looking to find tires in Grande Prairie or want to book an appointment for service simply visit our location at Quick Lane North or book online here.

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We will not be undersold on Tires, visit us today and we will meet or beat your order on Tires!


What Are Clients Are Saying About Our Tires

Looking to learn more about our tire shop and the brands of tires we have for sale at our facility? Look no further then seeing feedback from local Grande Prairie residents..

Based on 245 reviews
Dave Lees
Dave Lees
Front counter person was nice. But they should have a little more knowledge of what they are selling, this was a first service on a new truck. That being said at the store I bought the truck from they will always wash and vacuum the truck after your appointment as part of the service. Thanks
Michel Piche
Michel Piche
Très bon services et explication à recommander
Lois Leibel
Lois Leibel
Very please with friendliness of staff, time management and explanation of work completed.
Maria Edwards
Maria Edwards
Quick professional service every time !
Shawn Foy
Shawn Foy
Always fast and friendly service. I use the shuttle lots so thats a bonus that they have that.
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Where To Buy Tires in Grande Prairie, AB

Paying attention to how your car drives and brakes even when nothing is wrong is always going to help you identify a problem when it occurs. Knowing how your vehicle reacts and brakes will help diagnose problems long before your brakes cause you a problem.

Some of the most notable signs you need brake repair:

Squealing – One of the most common indicators that you need brake service is a squeak/squeal. This typically is a sign your brake pads are wearing down and a built-in safety feature many modern vehicles have and a warning not to ignore.

Grinding – When you press the brakes and hear a grinding sound it could indicate an issue with the calliper or a warning sign that your brake pads are needing immediate attention. It’s important to visit us at Quick Lane Trader Ridge to have this checked out to avoid further (or worse) problems.

Sticking/Soft – When you press the brakes and notice a spongy or soft feeling in your pedal it could be a leak in your brake line. A leak can potentially disable your vehicle’s brakes and could lead to serious issues on the road.

Brake Light – A sure-fire way to know there is an issue with your brakes is the indicator light in your vehicle. Instead of trying to diagnose which issue you may be having why not visit our location and utilize the experts at our Quick Lane.

Other indicators include a burning smell while driving, vibration or bouncing when you apply the brakes (can sometimes feel this in the steering wheel) or even feeling the vehicle pull to the side when you apply the brakes.

If you notice any of these symptoms please visit our Quick Lane.


How To Buy Tires Near Me In Grande Prairie, AB

Quick Lane North in Grande Prairie is home to an incredible tire shop and service center.  We’ve got state of the art equipment to check everything tires, including an automated tread depth checker. Simply driving over our tread check will give a digital readout while you get your vehicle or tires service.

We’ve also got the largest tire storage facility in Grande Prairie. If your winter or summer tires are taking up to much space then contact us to learn about how we can care for your tires. We’ll store them, care for them and make sure they’re ready for you when you need to switch them in the new season.

Our Quick Lane team works hard to ensure we meet our customer’s expectations. We are Grande Prairie’s premium auto repair shop and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about tires in Grande Prairie, AB.

The team at our Quick Lane will work quickly, efficiently and meticulously to ensure that all our repairs are made with accuracy. We are one of Grande Prairie’s most trusted auto repair shops and work hard to make sure we provide the best care to our customers and their vehicles.

Come see us at Quick Lane North to learn more about our tire services!

Quick Lane Grande Prairie

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Frequently Asked Questions About Winter and All-Season Tires

While not mandated, winter tires are a must-have for those living in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The first snowfall of the year often means that temperatures will drop below freezing for an extended period and result in slippery driving conditions. Winter tires provide superior traction, braking, and cornering during those months so we recommend them to all our visitors.

When it comes to vehicle tires, most drivers should rotate their wheels approximately every 8-10 thousand kilometers. Some people like doing these types of maintenance procedures alongside an oil change or other service appointments while others may use the season changeover to rotate them. 

The All-Season tire is a compromise intended to provide acceptable traits under a wide variety of conditions. However, it cannot be considered perfect at any one thing because its designs and compounds are tailored for summertime performance which gets mediocre in winter when compared with other types
of tires such as snow or ice tires.

We recommend that you have your tires inspected by a professional if they are wearing more than six months before replacing them. Tires wear differently depending on the type and conditions in which it is driven, so misaligned vehicles or worn vehicle parts may also cause premature wear to any tire even when regularly maintained with rotations every 8k km’s.

We’ll meet or beat any price on the 16 major tire brands we sell. GUARANTEED!
This means that if you find a better deal somewhere else, just show us and our experts will take care of it for you.

Valid Quick Lane installed retail purchase only!

The best way to make sure you have the correct pressure in your tires is by checking it with a tool. Pressure will vary on make/model and may change with plus-sized tires.

When in doubt look inside the driver’s door jam for what the vehicle manufacturer recommends.

New tires should always be placed on the back of your car.
When replacing just two out of four, it’s best to replace them on the rear of the vehicle. 


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