Car Wash Grande Prairie, AB

Are you looking for a simple and quick car wash in Grande Prairie?  Look no further, visit Quick Lane Trader Ridge and run your vehicle through our automatic car wash.

Living in Grande Prairie can get messy! Keeping your vehicle clean is an important part of its longevity to ensure elements associated with keeping the roads safe to drive on don’t do damage to its finish and structure. One of the best ways to do that is to wash your vehicle on a regular basis.

One of the best-kept secrets in Grande Prairie is our car wash.  We provide a beautiful automatic soft-touch car wash that fits not just regular-sized vehicles but also lifted pickup trucks and other larger sized vehicles.  Learn more about our car wash below or visit our Quick Lane to get your vehicle cleaned today.

Automatic Car Wash At Quick Lane Trader Ridge

Our Car Wash Fits Lifted Trucks And Super Duty’s

One of the biggest problems with automatic car washes in Grande Prairie is they are limited due to the scope and size of what vehicles can run through them.  With our car wash at Quick Lane in Trader Ridge, we’ve got the ability to run vehicles through it of all sizes from small SUV’s to larger more robust lifted pickup trucks.

If you’ve been searching for a reliable car wash be sure to see what ours is all about.  To get started all you need to do is visit our location in Grande Prairie, speak to a Quick Lane advisor to get the car washed.

Visit Our Car Wash At Quick Lane Trader Ridge

When you’re ready to visit our car wash all you need to do is drive down to our location. Don’t forget that our Quick Lane location can also service ALL MAKES, ALL MODELS for your vehicle needs when it comes to oil changes, wheel alignments, tire shopping, brake replacement, battery tests and replacement and much more.

If you’re visiting our location for any of the services above ask about our car wash.

We work hard to ensure your customer experience is the best in Grande Prairie no matter what you’re in for.  Visit us today to learn what our Grande Prairie Quick Lane is all about or feel free to book an appointment online to get started.

Quick Lane Grande Prairie
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